TAFOL wrote and submitted a number of amicus briefs in cases that involved crucial political and moral issues. Our goal is to have the arguments for Objective law understood by the courts and by the legal and lay communities.


The Microsoft Case
In 2001 TAFOL filed an amicus brief in the Second Circuit Court of Appeals supporting Microsoft and opposing anti-trust laws generally. United States v. Microsoft Corp., 253 F.3d 34 (D.C. Cir. 2001) (per curiam), cert. denied on other grounds, 70 U.S.L.W. 3107 (U.S. Oct. 9, 2001)
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The Elian Gonzales Case
TAFOL lodged this amicus brief in the case of Elian Gonzales upon appeal to the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals in 2000. TAFOL argued that Elian Gonzales should not be returned to Cuba. Gonzales vs Reno, #00 11424-D, (11th Cir 2000)
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The IOLTA case.
Lawyers are required to keep certain client funds in trust accounts. Some states require that these accounts be interest-bearing and takes the interest to be used for various charitable projects without the consent or even knowledge of the owner of the funds. TAFOL opposed the IOLTA programs as an unconstitutional taking.

TAFOL filed a brief in the United States Supreme Court in Phillips vs. Washington Legal Foundation 524 U.S. 156 (1997)
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The High School Required Public Service Cases
TAFOL filed amicus briefs in two cases involving schools that required public service of students to graduate. TAFOL opposed that graduation requirement and supported the student being allowed to graduate without the requirement.

Steirer v. Bethleham Area School District (#92-1359, 3rd Cir.)
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Immediato v. Rye Neck School District (#95-7237, 2nd Cir.)
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